The Winder Lecture

In the year 1647 Thomas Winder, a grocer of London instituted a sermon to be preached at the church of St Michael the archangel Warfield on a Sunday in the proximity of Guy Fawkes Day.

This tradition has continued for several centuries.  Each year we invite an eminent speaker to address us on an area of contemporary concern.  The most recent lectures are below:

Media Slides
2018 - Artificial Intelligence (download) (Bishop Steven)
2015 - Community Transformation - More Than Building New Houses (download) (Cllr Chris Turrell)
2014 - Desert Spirituality (download) (Howard Worsley)
2013 - Filling a Bucket or Lighting a Fire (download) (Bishop John Pritchard)
2012 - The New Normal (download) (Ken Costa)
2011 - Staying Human in a Digital World (download) (Andrew Graystone)