Morning Prayer 

Join us every weekday morning on the Warfield Church Facebook page for Morning Prayer. Whenever we are live you can also find the broadcast at

To access the live stream of morning prayer, you need to go to the Warfield Church Facebook page. Even if you don't have or don't want a Facebook account, the Warfield Church Facebook page is public and anyone can access it, with or without an account. If you’re not able to join in at 9am, the video remains there, and so you could take 25 minutes out later in the day to join in this daily prayer. 

Link for the simple liturgy 

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We use a simple structure for morning prayer, including some set prayers that we use every day. If you would like to see the words for these so that you can join in, you can find them below:

Every day we read three passages from the Bible. We know that some people might find it helpful to find these passages in advance and mark them up so that they can follow along with the words. Each week we will try to post the readings for the week ahead below. 

Bible Readings

Monday 25 Oct
Psalm 107:23-43
Micah 1:1-9
John 17:1-5
Tuesday 26 Oct
Psalm 108
Micah 2
John 17:6-19
Wednesday 27 Oct
Psalm 109:1-20
Micah 3
John 17:20-end

Thursday 28 Oct (Simon & Jude, Apostles)
Psalm 109:21-31
Isaiah 28:14-16
Ephesians 2:19-end
Friday 29 Oct
Psalm 110 & 111
Micah 5:2-end
John 18:12-27
Saturday 30 Oct
Psalm 112 & 113
Micah 6
John 18:28-end

Another way to find the readings would be to download the Church of England Lectionary App which has a free 14 day trial and then a modest subscription fee.


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