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At Warfield Church we believe

  • God calls all people to Him, to know Him personally and discover a life of love and freedom – to fix our broken world  more;
  • Jesus demonstrated this love most powerfully at Easter time but we see love in everything He did before and after that event;
  • He continues to set people free today from condemnation and guilt: free to live abundant lives. We want to see more and more of  this happening here in Warfield and Bracknell.


We believe that Jesus calls us to do the same. By living out our lives through a deeply rooted faith in Jesus, God draws our friends, neighbours, colleagues and even strangers to Him. God promises to walk with us through the challenges of life. He challenges us to live lives free from sin. He challenges us to do things that seem unconventional or difficult because He loves us and wants us to be free.

He calls us to go deeper and to live generously: to give time to stop, look around and focus on Him and what He’s calling each of us; to be part of His local church so we can grow more like Him; and to give financially, so the local church can operate and thrive.

Where our money comes from


Contrary to what many people believe, we receive nothing directly from the Church of England. Indeed, we contribute nearly £50,000 to the Oxford diocese and the wider church.
The vast proportion of our income comes from our members, much of it is gift aided. In 2018, we moved to a new way of giving: the Parish Giving Scheme. Regular donations are made by direct debit on the first day of the month to the Parish Giving Scheme. They credit the donations and the gift aid to our accounts by the middle of each month. This improves our cash flow and reduces the work of our Gift Aid Secretary and Finance Administrator, who are the only people with access to information about donors. A form to sign up for the scheme
is available from the  Church Office.

What we spend our money on

The following is just a flavour of what we spend our money on.


• 7 Sunday congregations meeting in 6 locations;

• 1 vicar and 3 associate ministers;

• Around 150 children and young people attending All Starz and Relentless each week;

•  Autumn Club for our older folk;

•  Support staff providing operations and facilities management, administration, IT and communications;

• Support for mission partners across the world;

• 70 families attending Little Starz;

• A youth pastor and a children and families’ pastor.

Can we do more?


We would love to be able to increase our work in Warfield and Bracknell to reach even more people. So we ask all our church members regularly to seek what God for what He is wanting them to give. Our experience is that, as we live more generously, we grow together and grow closer to God – we shift to relying on Him rather than our own means.

Parish Giving Scheme

Warfield uses the Parish Giving Scheme run by the Oxford Diocese.  Details of the scheme are available at this link https://www.oxford.anglican.org/support-services/parish-support/generous-giving/parish-giving-scheme/. Forms for each of the Warfield congregations are available from the Church Office to complete. A monthly, quarterly or annual debit is taken by Direct Debit from your bank. The Parish Giving Scheme automatically credits Warfield Church the amount plus any associated Gift Aid on a monthly basis.  

One Off Donations

If you want to make a one-off donation then please ensure that a Gift Aid Form is completed if not already done so. For a copy of the Form please select here Gift Aid Form 
Warfield Church can then claim 25% of your donation from HMRC.

Payment can be made by cheque, BACS Transfer or Cash

The bank details are:

                                    Warfield PCC             
                                    Sort Code 40.13.10               
                                    Account Number 90839361
Then send a confirmation email to Alison Wilkins at [email protected]. If you are a UK tax payer, we would like to be able to claim the extra 25% back from HMRC and just need you to fill in a short form.  Alison or the Church Office will send you a copy to complete.

If you need help please contact Alison at [email protected] or phone the church office on 01344 886900.  Alison will then help you set up a standing order with your bank.

Richard Page, 17/12/2018