Overseas Mission

We believe that we are called to encourage the growth of the Kingdom of God across the world, as well as locally. We do that in two ways:
                    1. Overseas Mission Partners
                    2. Short term mission trips


1. Warfield's  overseas Mission Partners

We have a strong emphasis on developing partnerships with overseas Mission Partners, whom we uphold through prayer, financial giving and visits, both of teams to partners and of partners to Warfield.

Each partner is particularly aligned with one of our congregations. We currently support the following mission partners:

Milan and Shusma Adhikari, Aanandit Church, Nepal (St Michael’s)

We have supported Milan and Shusma (and their three girls, Amishu, Nesia and Prajwalita) for many years, since before they started the Aanandit Church in 2002. Aanandit have planted various congregations in the Kathmandu area and are involved in various community projects, through their Charity Centre, microcredit projects and outreach into the community. Milan and Shusma are on the church leadership team and are also involved in various ministries nationally, with leadership training and women’s ministries.
Website: http://www.accnepal.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Aanandit-Charity-Centre-849677268404015/

Peter and Becky Clemison, Youth With A Mission, Cebu, Philippines (St Michael’s)

Peter and Becky are serving in Cebu in the Philippines. They are working with Cebu House of Prayer (a YWAM team) and are developing a new initiative 4Freedom to work with those who have been trafficked. Warfield Church has supported them for the last 5 years. Peter became a Christian through Warfield Church. They have a son Joshua and two daughters Hannah and Faith.
Website: https://www.ywam.org
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/cebuhouseofprayerywam/

Ron and Joanna Domingo, 2 The Nations/KCM, Philippines (All Saints')

Ron and Joanna have been based in Manila, Philippines since 2007, where they run a church for people living off Tondo dump.  It is in their heart to provide a safe place for children to hear they are loved and valued.  They run creative arts, feeding ministries and training programs.
Website: http://kalayaancommunityministries.missionsplace.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/KalayaanMinistries/

Pastor Iuri Valkov, Krasif Aid, Sliven, Bulgaria (St Peter’s)

We have been supporting various projects in Bulgaria through Krasif Aid since 2002. During this time, Warfield Church has had the opportunity to send volunteer ministry teams to work with the vulnerable and poor people in Sliven.  This is done through the Women and Young People's Safe Houses, Men's Institutes, Older Peoples home, Orphanages and Gipsy Villages. All our work and support is through working in partnership with Krasif Aid supporting Aleteia Baptist Church and Pastor Iuri and his wife Plamy. This year the church celebrates 30 years of reaching out to the people of Sliven.
For up to date for Krasif Aid see:
Krasif Aid Update - June 2021
For video update from Pastor Iuri see:
Sliven Video Update


St Peter's Lifeline, Kenya (Eternity Bullbrook)

St Peter's Life-Line is a small grass roots charity, partnering with St Peter's primary school and community in Kajuki, Kenya. They are helping to lift a community out of poverty, through education, micro finance, empowering girls, feeding programmes, clean water, sanitation and the prevention of disease. We aim to bring hope through education  and a more secure future. Their core vision is to 'Embrace, Educate, Equip & Empower the next Generation'.  St Peter's School was established in 2006 by a young, dynamic priest, Fr Joe. The school is in Kajuki, situated near the foot of Mt Kenya, in the South Meru District. It is a harsh, semi-arid part of Kenya, and is home to some 40,000 people.
Website: http://www.stpeterslifeline.org.uk/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/St-Peters-Life-Line-328519129029/

Hands on Houses, India (St Andrew’s)

Hands on Houses is a small non-profit organisation with global construction experience. They team up with local leaders who understand their communities, builders in need of training and employment, and volunteers with skills to share, building houses for people who need them most.
Website: https://www.handsonhouses.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/handsonhouses

Compassion Sponsorship (St Andrew's)

St Andrew’s sponsors two children through Compassion.
Website: https://www.compassionuk.org/sponsor-a-child
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/compassionintl/

Joel & Fiona Kelling, CMS, Amman, Jordan (St Michael’s)

Joel and Fiona are serving in Amman in Jordan.  Joel is working with the Anglican Alliance and the Anglican Province of Jerusalem and the Middle East to strengthen the mission of the Church to provide practical and spiritual care to vulnerable groups.  They have a son Aidan and a daughter Nora.
Website: https://churchmissionsociety.org/people-in-mission/fiona-and-joel-kelling
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/churchmissionsociety


Middle east (St Michael's)

We also support a mission partner working with a local church in a Middle Eastern country getting involved in various ministries and seeking to share God’s love with the local people.


Operation Mobilisation (Encounter)

Encounter Church partners with OM’s International Disaster Response team, which provides support to OM’s local teams around the world in the event of a disaster.  In recent years OM has responded to earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, and refugee
Website: https://www.uk.om.org


Tazmin Foster (St Michael’s)

Tazmin is in Perth Australia with Youth with a Mission.  She is currently living and working at the base.
Website: https://www.ywamperth.org.au

Debs Fenton(Eternity Bullbrook)

Debs is in New York working with Metro World Child.  She is working as part of a team.  They take the good news of Jesus to the children and their parents.  Many of them are in very deprived communities.
Website: https://www.metroworldchild.org

Pocket Money Fights Poverty

Pocket Money Fights Poverty was begun within Warfield church by a member of St. Peter’s congregation. It exists to take individuals and communities out of poverty. Using small boxes to collect loose change, it has raised thousands of pounds. The strongest partnership is with 'St Peter's Life-Line'. A number of children on the 'Transforming Lives Programme' are sponsored.  The children are given an education, food and most importantly a hope for the future. With the discovery of over 100 physically disabled children in the community (hidden away due to the stigma of being disabled in Kenyan culture), the charity also now provide full time support and therapy to some.
Facebook: https:/www.facebook.com / pocket money fights poverty

Kimberly and Kuruman in South Africa

The diocese partners with the diocese of Kimberly and Kuruman in South Africa.  The intern, Ona Klass, from Kuruman has returned to South Africa after completing her internship.
Website: https://www.oxford.anglican.org

 2. Short Term Mission trips


The Mission Committee is keen to support short term mission trips made by members of Warfield Church, and has a fund set aside for this. To apply for such funding, please see these guidelines and application form:

Mission Funding Guidelines
Mission Funding Application Form


Richard Harling, 12/09/2019