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This is a call to those who are hungry to know their bible better and who want to be EQUIPPED to be a more effective disciple of Christ Jesus. 

For some time now I have been concerned that the level of bible teaching that we are able to deliver in the 20-25 minute slot on Sunday morning is not adequate in equipping people to be effective disciples of Jesus. Some of the gap in discipleship is taken up by our small group programme, but our small group programme exists primarily for pastoral care, prayer and evangelism. I would therefore like to introduce a solution in the form of Community Bible Study International (CBSI).
CBSI will allow you to study your bible in a structured and disciplined way, and will facilitate a level of depth, interactivity and exploration that is not always possible on Sundays. The group runs every Friday at St Michaels, Warfield from 9:30 to 11:15am. And to make it even easier for you to attend, there will also be a staffed crèche for those with young children. There is a registration form overleaf. The registration fee is £10 and then there is a voluntary donation each week of £2.

Nanas Callendar writes:
There are three big benefits of belonging to CBS:  1. You get to know the bible.   2. You learn with a group of like minded and inspiring people.  3. There are five layers of learning - studying alone, discussing with your group, hearing a talk on the passage, reading a commentary and support from the group.  The format of the study works. You cannot not learn!
This is a fabulous initiative, and it has come at a significant time for us, and I would encourage you to sign up as soon as possible, but I need to highlight, that this is not to replace our small group programme. Our small groups are essential to a growing church. They are places for us to belong, be known, and be accountable. CBSI is a Bible Study programme that will complement small group activities and Sunday ministry; it is primarily a call to those who are hungry to know their bible better and who can attend a daytime bible study, an essential part of the spiritual diet.
So please complete and return your registration form to the parish office and we will forward further information (if e-mailing your form in — [email protected]