Key Teaching

Below are some of our key teaching from Warfield Church.

Ephesians: Saved By Grace (download)
Part 3 of the sermon series on Ephesians, recorded at Encounter.
David Ritchie, 19/05/2019
Ephesians: Head Over Everything (download)
Part 2 of the sermon series on Ephesians, recorded at St. Andrew's.
Catharine Mabuza, 12/05/2019
Ephesians: Every Spiritual Blessing (download)
Part 1 of the sermon series on Ephesians, recorded at St. Michael's.
David Brown, 05/05/2019
Ephesians: Sermon Series Introduction (download)
An introduction to the Warfield Church sermon series on Ephesians starting in May 2019.
Catharine Mabuza, 05/05/2019
APCM 2019 Vicar’s address (download)
An 18 minute address from the 2019 APCM in which Catharine helps us to look back in thankfulness at where we have come from and where we are now, and then in faith to look at where we are heading.
Catharine Mabuza, 02/04/2019
Living Hope 2019 (download)
Catharine looks forward to 2019 being a year of Living Hope for Warfield Church, seeking and discovering the inheritance Christ has for us, and inviting us all to be Living Stones, worshipping, serving, giving and praying together, building us all together into a spiritual house that Connects People to Jesus.
Catharine Mabuza, 06/01/2019
Bishop Steven's Talk - Warfield Church Joint Service September 2018 (download)
Bishop Steven, 16/09/2018
Joy and Restoration (download)
‘Restore to me the Joy of your Salvation, Lord’ is a verse from Psalm 51, but it is also a theme which runs through Isaiah 35, the passage that Catharine recently preached on at St Michael’s, as part of a series on the Fruit of the Spirit. In Isaiah 35, Isaiah looks forward to a time when, after a period of extreme desolation and hope, the people of Israel will be restored. God will bring joy and redemption; those who are feeling weak and feeble will be strengthened, and a ‘crown of everlasting joy’ will re
Catharine Mabuza, 15/07/2018