Key Teaching

Below are some of our key teaching from Warfield Church.

Bishop Steven's Talk - Warfield Church Joint Service September 2018 (download)
Bishop Steven, 16/09/2018
Joy and Restoration (download)
‘Restore to me the Joy of your Salvation, Lord’ is a verse from Psalm 51, but it is also a theme which runs through Isaiah 35, the passage that Catharine recently preached on at St Michael’s, as part of a series on the Fruit of the Spirit. In Isaiah 35, Isaiah looks forward to a time when, after a period of extreme desolation and hope, the people of Israel will be restored. God will bring joy and redemption; those who are feeling weak and feeble will be strengthened, and a ‘crown of everlasting joy’ will re
Catharine Mabuza, 15/07/2018