Share Bracknell 

As you may know, for the past year, a team from Warfield, Mosaic and Holy Trinity churches have been working with Share Wokingham to deliver food boxes to families in Bracknell. We have started our own “Pop up” at St Andrew’s. We will be collecting short, dated food from local supermarkets (which would otherwise be thrown away), sorting it and inviting local people to come to St Andrew’s Church to take away what they need. The food will be free but donations to the work of Share are also welcome.

All the food we receive for our food boxes is from Share Wokingham and donated by supermarkets across Wokingham. We know there is a lot more food available, but this is a new venture for us as we open the pop up. We have lots of volunteers lined up to collect food on a Thursday evening and Friday morning and bring it to St Andrew’s Church ready to open the ‘Pop up’ between 1-3pm. We hope to develop the team and in time involve more churches. In the future, building on the work we are already doing, we are hoping to open a main food storage and distribution centre within Bracknell.   

We give thanks to God for all he has done and ask if you could cover the 'Pop up' in prayer

Prayer Points: 


  • We pray that we will have enough food donations from local supermarkets that the baskets will be filled with enough left over (the parable of the loaves and fishes comes to mind).
  • We pray for good relationships between Share Bracknell and local suppliers and organisations over the coming weeks and months. 
  • We pray that we will share the Love of Jesus with those who come along and all will be blessed and be a blessing.   
  • We pray for local Churches working together and we will have volunteers from the various Christian communities involved into the future. 
  • We pray for safety for the driver’s collecting food.
  • We pray that guest’s and volunteers will be kept safe from Covid.
  • We pray that the Pop-up helps to develop good relationships between Warfield Church and the local Priestwood community, especially Meadow Vale School, the Community and Children’s Centre next door, the local shops and the Admiral Cunningham pub.

Thank you for your support and if you would like more information or get involved please contact the team. 
With Love In Christ  

Michelle and Juliet and the Share Bracknell Team 

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