The Electoral Roll is the Warfield Churches’ register of electors; all those on the roll are entitled to attend and vote at the Annual Parochial Church Meeting for the P.C.C and our representatives on the deanery synod. Those entitled to attend the meeting may raise any question of parochial or church interest. The APCM will take place on the 26th April 2017
By enrolling, you become a voting member of the Church of England and so help to ensure that all synodical councils of the Church are fully representative of its members.
This year, the Electoral Roll will be revised from 12th February to the 26th March 2017. Electoral Roll forms will be available across the Churches, so if you would like to join the roll, please return your application form to the Church Office by 26th March at the very latest.
Throughout this time, draft copies of the roll will be available at the Churches, so please check that your name has been added to the roll and that all your details have been noted correctly. Please note: If you are planning to apply for Ranelagh School this year, you will need to state how many years you have been on the Electoral Roll. If you think you are already on the roll, please double-check the drafts!
If you no longer want to be on the Electoral Roll can you also please notify the office.
If you have any questions about the Electoral Roll, please contact the Church Office 01344 886900 or [email protected]

Richard Page, 08/03/2017