children and youth
Warfield Church Children and Youth 

Hello and welcome to Warfield Church children's and youth work!

We offer an amazing array of work for children and youth such as Little Starz: our parent/guardian toddler group, children and youth work at our congregations, youth on a Friday and soon to be midweek. There will be something for anyone under 18 and we would love to see you at any of them. If you wish to come along you can fill in our registration form by clicking the blue button below, where we ask for information such as contact details and other information so we can best support the children and youth that attend any of our settings. If you have filled one out after September 2021 already then do not fill out this form but if you are new or last filled a form before September 2021 then please fill out this form!
Children and youth registratio

This form covers all onsite children and youth work and if there is anything offsite, we will send out supplementary forms.   We recognise that circumstances change. Please inform the church in writing of these changes as soon as possible by filling in the form that is available by clicking the button above. This form covers all onsite events organised by Warfield Church that your child attends and is for initial registration and later changes to details. The processing of personal data is governed by the General Data Protection Regulation. For details of our Privacy Policy, please visit