Do you want to grow in Christ?

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We can't live with God as our Father without also living with fellow followers of Jesus as our brothers and sisters.  The large number of members at Warfield Church means we could easily turn up to a service, be part of the large crowd on a Sunday but never actually discover what it is to be part of the sort of Church family that the New Testament talks about when it refers to us coming together as God's people.  That is why we have smaller groups who meet each week (or fortnight) to encourage one another to keep going and growing in their Christian life.

What are Life Groups?


Life Groups are a group of 6 to 10 people who meet weekly in someone's home.  They typically spend time looking through the Bible and discuss how it applies to our daily lives, they pray together and for each other, encourage each other and invariably eat snacks, chat and have lots of fun. 

Some of our groups are just for men, some just for ladies, some for our older folk and some for younger, but most are a mixture of male and female and of all ages.  Our Life Groups exist for all ages but for information on specific youth Life Groups, please check out the Youth/Children links under Church Life.


Want to find out more?

If you would like to join one of our Life Groups please pick up one of the Life Group leaflets at each of our3 congregations.  However, our Life Groups change and new groups are added regularly so for the most up to date information please contact the Church Office ([email protected]) and let them know which Warfield location you attend and that you are interested in joining a Life Group.