Ranelagh Admissions

We are often asked questions about admission to Ranelagh Church of England Secondary School. The school has an excellent reputation, a high record of academic achievement and is rated ‘outstanding’ by OFSTED. But the school only admits 155 children each year, and is always oversubscribed. 
Ranelagh is a Church of England Voluntary Aided School that provides education for children who are affiliated to, and practising members of, the Anglican Church within the deaneries of Bracknell and Sonning. All the Churches within this booklet fall within that area. Affiliation is determined by confirmation that the applicant‘s name is included on the ecclesiastical Electoral Roll of the Warfield Churches.  As a church, we are asked to answer two questions on the admissions applications:

1. How long has the parent/guardian been on the Electoral Roll?
2. Do they attend regularly?

The first question is answered by our office staff checking when the applicant joined the Electoral Roll and recording the number of years. Those with the most years on the Electoral Roll have the strongest chance of admission.

Electoral roll Application form (Word) Here
Electoral roll Application form (.pdf) Here

To answer the second question, we ask parents who are going to be making Ranelagh applications to have a 'Ranelagh Passport' and to take it with them when they go to one of our congregations on Sunday.  They should then ask someone on the welcome team to stamp their 'Passport' each time they attend a service.  Then, when the application comes to the office, with the Passport, we can see how regular the family's attendance has been.  The Warfield Churches are more than happy to support the applications for children who are part of our churches towards entrance to Ranelagh. We are less inclined to support the applications of those whose parent(s) attend but the child does not. After all, it is the child who will be attending the faith-based school. Our preference is therefore to request that the whole family attend our services to qualify for admission to Ranelagh.

However, because of Covid restrictions, we're not able to meet in our congregations at the moment, so we cannot use that passport system for now.  We await guidance from the Governors of the school on how we will be able to honestly vouch for a family's regular attendance in support of their application.

In the meantime, here are a couple of useful email addresses:
Ranelagh Queries – [email protected]

1. Ecclesiastical parish Electoral Roll is distinct from the civil parish electoral register. There are qualifying criteria for joining as indicated on the form itself.
2. If you have joined us from another Anglican church and you were on the Electoral Roll there, the number of years on the ER there can be added to the number here, subject to confirmation from the previous church.