Relentless | 7:45 -9:30pm | St Michaels


Relentless is a youth event for young people aged 11+. It meets at the St Michael’s site on Friday evenings during term time (7:45 - 9:30 pm). Lots of activities are on offer including football, a tuck shop, smoothie bar, pool table, air hockey, games consoles, and craft areas and sometimes a Spa, especially for the ladies.

There are also areas where young people can relax and watch DVD's or chat with their friends. Young people are encouraged to bring their friends along to Relentless, and the evening always has a challenging message from the bible with worship lead by our young people.

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Any questions please email [email protected] or call 01344 886900

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The gathering

It's an opportunity to explore following Jesus in a smaller group setting with fun, games and snacks alongside discussion, prayer, bible content and worship.

The core team are Adam, Vicky and Sarah.

All Y7+ welcome. Please get in touch if your young person is interested in joining.