At Warfield Church we love and value our young people massively. We want to see them regularly, and input into their  lives on a regular basis.  We are meeting at each of our new congregations at 10:30, on Friday's between 7:00 and 8:30, on Zoom and soon we will be introducing a youth lifegroup for year 7-11 on a Tuesday at St. Andrews (starting after half-term!)

Sunday congregations all meet at 10:30 and each congregation will have youth ministry. Each congregation will have the youth meeting on different Sundays so if you are interested in a congregation then don't hesitate to ask. On Sunday's where we aren't running youth all young people are still welcome and we would love to see them participate with our congregations so feel free to ask if your young people are interested in serving in tech, being part of the worship band, leading, preaching, teas and coffees, welcome, helping with the kids work or anything else they can think of! They would be most welcome and valued on each team.

On a Friday we’ll meet from 7.00pm until 8.30pm for a great end to the week.  The meeting is open to all the young people from Year 7 upwards, right through secondary school ages. We no longer have limits on numbers so please come along. To register, follow this link.  We have loved seeing so many young people again! If you are new or want to come back then we would love to see you so come and hang out with us.  [Any questions? email [email protected]]

We will also be hosting Zoom youth group sessions. These are for any of our young people (Year 7+) from any of our youth groups. We normally have a challenge for us all to complete or a game for us to play and then a reflection on the Bible or God. The youth are welcome to come along and connect with one another and God in a fun, safe environment with prayer and reflections. These will be on Sunday at 5pm and Tuesday at 7:30pm. 
If your young person wishes to join these then please email: [email protected]  giving parental permission to do so. He will then send you a link for the meeting with which you can join! Come and join us; we would love to see you and have you as part of our group!

After half-term we will be offering a youth lifegroup and we would love to see any young people there, this will be a safe space to meet other Christian teenagers, discover and grow in our faith and hopefully eat some tasty snacks together. This will be located in St. Andrews and will be on a Tuesday evening!

We are also offering Youth Mentoring for any young person where they can come and meet with 2 of our leaders, have a space for them to come, have a chat, be listened to and have a space and time that is just for them. This means they can come and chat to us about anything (whether that's about  life or their fave Netflix series!) We would love to see and support any young people in this so please contact [email protected] for more information. Please note this is not counselling!

We also have a Facebook page @warfieldrelentlessyouth (our Relentless page) and an Instagram page @warfieldyouth. Come follow us for updates and posts! 

I would certainly love to see you at any of these, so please do come along and be a part of them!

Adam Brown
Warfield Church Youth Pastor

IT Operations, 23/03/2020