Who’s Who


Warfield Leadership Team


Ministerial Team


  Revd Catharine Mabuza  
David Brown
David Ritchie - BAC 0086 
Michelle Porter-Babbage 1

Revd David Brown

David Ritchie

Revd Michelle Porter Babbage

Associate Minister


 Associate Minister

Associate Minister



Lay leader Team

David Cappelman
Dave Cappleman
Licensed Lay Minister
Sam Mortimer
Sam Mortimer
Licensed Lay Minister
Mike Summers
Licensed Lay Minister

rupert benbrook
Rupert Benbrook

Assistant Leader St Michael's

Andy Medlicott
Leader St Andrew's

Andy Green

Andy Green
Leader St Michael's

Phil Durbin

Phil Durbin
Leadership Representative

Cilla Summers
Scilla Summers

Leadership Representative
Eternity Bulbrook

Richard Page
Leader Warfield Park
    Church in the Park 
  Paul Crowhurst  
  Leadership Representative  
  Encounter Congregation

Staff Team employed by Warfield Church 

                Adrian Laws - BAC 0009                                          David Ritchie - BAC 0086                                     Adam Brown - BAC 0026   

                Adrian Laws                                                 David Ritchie                                          Adam Brown

                Children and                                                Associate Minister                              Youth Pastor  
                Families Pastor  
                                         Under 30’s Ministries                                  
                                                                                              and Leader of All Saints

                Alison                                              Tony
                Alison Wilkins                                              Tony Ford                                                Fay Philp
                Finance Administrator                            Facilities Co-ordinator                    Church Administrator


Click  the link  below to see details of the leadership teams for the different congregations:

Leadership Teams for our different congregations





  Dave French  



Annie Street 2  
Annie Street

John Belstead

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