The paragraphs below outline what we as the Warfield Church believe. You won’t find isolated bits of the Bible or a list of rules in it, because ultimately neither of those things are helpful, or best reflect what we believe about God. What we believe about God is at the heart of what we also believe about each other, ourselves, and creation: We believe that ultimately everything is part of the one great story, the Jesus story. This is the story we believe and the story we are inviting you to take a closer look at.

galaxyuniverse-normalWe believe God inspired the writers of the Bible by his Spirit to speak to all generations of believers, including us today.  God calls us to immerse ourselves into his story as part of the community of people that we call church and personally as individuals to faithfully interpret and live out that story.

In the beginning God created all things good. He was and always will be in a communal relationship with himself-Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. God created us to be relational as well and marked us with an identity, we were created in his image, we were intrinsically good, and capable of doing great works of good. We share God’s call to serve, care for, and cultivate the earth.  God created us to live in relationship with him, one another, our inner self, and creation.  The enemy tempted the first humans, and darkness and evil entered the story through human disobedience to God and sin is now a part of the world. This devastating event resulted in our relationships with God, others, ourselves, and creation being fractured and in desperate need of repair.

We believe God did not abandon his creation to destruction and decay; rather he promised to restore this broken world. As part of this purpose, God chose a people, Abraham and his descendants, to represent him in the world. God promised to bless them as a nation so that through them all nations would be blessed. In time they became slaves in Egypt, but they cried out to God. God heard their cry, gave them freedom from their oppressor, and brought them to a place where he could give them an identity and a mission. Throughout the story of Israel, God refused to give up on his people despite their frequent acts of unfaithfulness to him.

God brought his people into the Promised Land. Their state of blessing from God was intimately bound to their calling to be God's ambassadors to other nations. They made movement toward this, yet they disobeyed and allowed foreign gods into the land, overlooked the poor, the marginalised, and oppressed and mistreated those from other nations. In Israel’s disobedience, they became indifferent and in turn irrelevant to the purposes to which God had called them. For a time, they were sent into exile; yet a hopeful remnant was always looking ahead with longing and hope to a renewed reign of God, where peace and justice would prevail.

We believe these longings found their fulfilment in Jesus of Nazareth, born of a virgin, mysteriously God became flesh and bone. Jesus came to preach good news to jesus-on-the-cross4the poor, to bind up the broken hearted and set captives free, proclaiming a new arrival of the kingdom of God, bringing about a new exodus, and restoring our fractured world. He and his message were rejected by many as he confronted the religious elite and the empire of Rome. Yet his path of suffering, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection has brought hope to all creation.

Jesus is our only hope for bringing peace and restored relationship between God and humanity. Through Jesus we have been forgiven and brought into right relationship with God. God is now reconciling us to each other, ourselves, and creation. The Spirit of God affirms as children of God all those who trust Jesus. The Spirit empowers us with gifts, convicts, guides, comforts, and leads us into truth through a shared life of worship and sharing an expression of our faith.

The Warfield Church is rooted and grounded in Jesus, practising spiritual disciplines and celebrating baptism and the Lord’s Supper. The church is a global and local expression of living out the way of Jesus through love, peace, sacrifice, and healing as we show the resurrected Christ, who lives in and through us, to a broken and hurting world.  We are not perfect, we don't do polished performance, but we are captivated by Jesus.

We know we're not for everyone, but it is better that we are who we are and some people join us, than pretend to be something we are not, and try and please everyone.  And of course there are many great churches in Bracknell, so we are convinced that everyone will be able to find a spiritual home somewhere.  But if you'd like to pop in and see what we're like, click on the "service times + location" link and we looking forward to saying hi.