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Midweek Communion

Since the very first days of the early church, meeting together to “break bread” has been an important part of Christian worship (Acts 2:42 & 46). One of the ways in which we continue to do this today is by sharing together in services of Holy Communion.
In addition to the Communion services which happen on a Sunday, we also hold a midweek Communion service, at 11:00 am every week, alternating between our two church buildings.
These are services with a congregation, and will not be livestreamed.
The dates for the Autumn term 2021 are:

St Andrew’s (Priestwood)

St Michael’s (Warfield)

Wednesdays Thursdays
15th & 29th September 9th & 23rd September
13th & 27th October 7th & 21st October
3rd & 17th November 11th & 25th November
1st, 15th & 29th December 9th & 23rd December

(Or, if you don't like tables)

Thu 9th Sept St Michael's
Wed 15th Sept St Andrew's
Thu 23rd Sept St Michael's
Wed 29th Sept St Andrew's

Thu 7th Oct St Michael's
Wed 13th Oct St Andrew's
Thu 21st Oct St Michael's
Wed 27th Oct St Andrew's


Wed 3rd Nov St Andrew's
Thu 11th Nov St Michael's
Wed 17th Nov St Andrew's
Thu 25th Nov St Michael's

Wed 1st Dec St Andrew's
Thu 9th Dec St Michael's
Wed 15th Dec St Andrew's
Thu 23rd Dec St Michael's
Wed 29th Dec St Andrew's