We are streaming three services each Sunday on the Warfield Church Facebook page. Whenever we are live you can find the broadcast at

9.30 am - Service of Worship and the Word
(Between the services individual church congregations may have coffee lounges - check with your leaders)
11.30 am - Holy Communion
7.00pm    - Worship @ 7

Worship @ 7 

We know that many of you have been both thankful for and blessed by Living Room Worship on Sunday evenings. So we want to open this up and make it available to all of Warfield Church. 
Therefore this will be streamed to the Warfield Church Facebook page instead of the All Saints Facebook group.
We also hope to involve some more people from Warfield Church too and so we are really excited to see how this unfolds. With the release of new guidance for worship bands, we are now able to allow worship bands to meet to lead worship from one place. This is great news but will mean that we will be dropping the zoom part of living room worship from the 13th and streaming to Facebook only. 
We are still in the process of sorting out the venue and other details for this but as it will no longer be from a living room so we have come up with a new name – worship @ 7. which really does say what it means!! 
In order to save confusion, Living Room worship this Sunday (Worship @ 7) moves to 7pm instead of 7.30pm. It would be awesome to see some of you there. 
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