a church where the job of the leadership is to

see people reach their god-given potential

Let's dive straight in. Ephesians 2 weaves together the strings of Ephesians 1. We read in Ephesians 2 that we are God's handiwork created for good works in Christ. 
You are God's handiwork, not maybe, not one day you will be, but YOU ARE God's handiwork, created for good works in Christ. You are God's greatest resource, far too significant not to take up your part in the body of Christ. That's you. And in light of that, the job of leadership is simply ensuring that you are aware of this. Aware and playing your part.
I recently watched a documentary on the Discovery Channel called "Starlings over Ot Moor." In early evening during the winter months, thousands of Starlings gather in the trees around Ot Moor. And the commentator said:    
And when the moment is right they do the seemingly impossible. Thousands of Starlings, flying together. I have watched them for hours and hours and have never seen a collision and as they weave and interweave they make the most extraordinary patterns in the sky.
Followers of Jesus disagree at times, but we are wired to fly together - each with different gifts, interweaving, interlocking, some fly higher, some further, some faster, some with a more elaborate flight path but together we make the most extraordinary patterns in the sky and we never collide ... wow! Ephesians tells us God gave some to be apostles and prophets and evangelists and pastors and teachers some with the ministry of hospitality some with the gift of administration. Apostles who break open new ground, Prophets are strategists, visionaries, seeing a little further, Evangelists are great proclaimers of truth whether on a large stage or to the postman! Pastors who care and listen and help. Teachers who present complex truth in digestible forms....
The body of Christ is packed full of these amazing gifts. And therefore the job of leadership is quite simply to keep you flying ... reaching your potential ... being everything you were created to be ... an active part of the body of Christ. Leaders are not to skim in and out of clouds proclaiming how great we are, but instead to help others to soar. 
The body of Christ is packed full of extraordinary people.  And the job of leadership is not to spoon feed Christians. Paul heavily criticises those who should be on spiritual meat but who are still drinking spiritual milk. 
This is why we preach. We don't preach simply to entertain, we preach to make disciples of Jesus.  
But onwards to our final and most important characteristic of the consistently winning team...